Get More From Your Property

Get More From Your Property

We provide lot clearing and land grading services in Carthage, NC

Whether you want to put in a swimming pool or expand your driveway, you'll probably need to clear and prep your land beforehand. Partner with Carolina Demo and Debris Removal, LLC and we'll provide the lot clearing services you need in Carthage, NC. You can count on us to remove the trees, shrubs and stumps that are standing in the way of whatever you have planned.

We can do big jobs quickly. Schedule your lot clearing service today by calling 803-320-1720.

Smooth out your lumpy yard

Once the trees and stumps are gone, we'll take care of any land grading needed to reduce drainage issues and ensure your foundation is stable. Your contractors can start building as soon as we're done.

Add land grading services to your lot clearing project in Carthage, NC to make your build go quicker.